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Quality Mark

We believe everyone should understand the impact of trauma, and how it can affect an individual across many areas of life. This is particularly important within organisations such an schools, universities and places of work where there is a moral responsibility for organisation to support the welfare of students and employees.

The Survivors Trust have specifically developed a Trauma-Informed Award (TIE) to help workplaces and educational settings provide appropriate support and trauma-informed responses to disclosures of sexual violence and abuse. This includes understanding and managing the hidden impact of undisclosed and unrecognised trauma amongst employees, volunteers, customers and clients.

A Trauma-Informed Educator (TIE) quality mark from The Survivors Trust shows that your university, college or school understands the impact of trauma and supports those who disclose harassment, abuse or bullying.
In workplace and educational settings, trauma from experiences of bullying, sexual abuse, harassment and assault impact an individual’s mental health, social relationships, work or studies, and even their physical health.
A Trauma-Informed Employer (TIE) Quality Mark allows you to prove to that you are able to respond professionally and sensitively to domestic and sexual violence, no matter how it impacts upon your organisation.