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Understanding the Impact of Sexual Violence & How to Handle Disclosure (CPD Certified)

Victims-Survivors of rape and childhood sexual abuse often talk about the ‘2nd rape’, a term often used by them to express their regret and disappointment after making a disclosure to a professional about their traumatic experience. It isn’t a matter of the professional deliberately trying to cause distress to their clients but more about them not understanding how trauma impacts a person.
This 1-day workshop is suitable for all professionals and students who work directly or indirectly with victims-survivors of rape and childhood sexual abuse. The content of this workshop will provide you with a trauma-informed approach to understanding the impact of rape and sexual abuse and will help to improve your confidence in knowing how to deliver a sensitive and client-focused service especially during times of disclosure.

What will you learn?

  • The impact that rape and sexual violence has on victims/survivors
  • Tools for sensitively and effectively responding to disclosures
  • Where to refer clients for further support
  • Why gender and social roles can create a barrier to people reporting their experience

2024 Dates


Training is currently being delivered online via Zoom.



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£83 (15% discount)
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£88 (10% discount)
Non-Member & Non-Charity
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