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Supporting Sex Workers Workshops

Learning outcomes:

This one-day workshop has been co-developed alongside sex workers and people with lived experience of the sex industry.

You will learn how to:

  • Understand the support needs of sex workers
  • Understand how chronic non-engagement effects accessing ISVA support and reporting crimes to the police
  • Recognise current legislation around buying and selling sex in the UK
  • Understand how society perceives sex workers
  • Know where to signpost or refer sex workers for support
  • Understand how to support complex needs victims and survivors
  • Recognise the importance of self-care when working with trauma 

Guest Speakers

For this training, we have two guest speakers. Julie Smedley is an experienced ISVA specialising in advocating for clients who are involved in the sex work industry and clients with mental health, drug or alcohol issues. We also have a guest speaker from Support for Student Sex Workers (SFSSW). Support for Student Sex Workers is a confidential peer support organisation that is 100% sex worker-led. They support all sex workers and anyone who identifies with the sex work community. 

To express your interest, please email for further information and prices.



TST member (my organisation is a TST member) – £83.00 (15% discount)

Charity (must be a registered charity) – £88.00 (10% discount)

Non-member & non-charity – £98.00