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Help raise awareness of trauma-informed care in your workplace by becoming trauma-informed with The Survivors Trust

Our training workshops aim to improve patient and staff well-being, increase staff retention, reduce patient repeat appointments, and improve medical outcomes.

We offer bespoke training workshops tailored to your department’s needs and adapted to all patient-facing roles within healthcare. We cover topic areas such as sexual violence and abuse in the UK, feedback from survivors about their healthcare experiences, common triggers and impact of trauma, trauma-informed care adjustments (practical demonstrations can be offered), as well as vicarious trauma and self-care for healthcare professionals.

Workshops can be delivered both online or in-person, depending on your department’s needs.

If you would like to find out more about #CheckWithMeFirst or are interested in our trauma-informed healthcare training for your department, contact us via

We are really passionate about being part of the conversation to improve trauma-informed care for survivors of sexual violence and abuse as evidenced by the creation of and running this programme for the past 2 years. Over 400 frontline NHS staff have taken part so far, with 98% saying it has improved their clinical practice, which will have a hugely positive effect on the up to 1 in 4 patients who have experienced sexual violence and abuse. We have big plans to help more professionals and patients through this work. 

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