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Service User Survey

If you are a survivor, we want to hear about your experiences of NHS healthcare services so that we can help to make these services more accessible to survivors of rape, sexual assault and sexual abuse.
The survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete, and all data collected is anonymised.
What is #CheckWithMeFirst?
#CheckWithMeFirst is a project run by The Survivors Trust to raise awareness of the challenges that survivors of sexual abuse face when accessing healthcare services, and to promote a trauma-informed approach to the provision of care for service users.
Survey purpose

The purpose of this survey is to offer service users, particularly survivors of sexual abuse, the opportunity to provide anonymous feedback about their experiences of attending healthcare appointments and the care that they have received from healthcare professionals, such as nurses, doctors, ward staff, receptionists, dentists, and physiotherapists. We know from talking to survivors that medical appointments can be difficult for survivors to attend, and our aim is to gather information about how healthcare can be made easier for them to access.

This survey will improve our understanding of survivors’ experiences of healthcare and trauma-informed, sensitive care, and will help us to measure the success of the #CheckWithMeFirst project. The survey is monitored by The Survivors Trust and all responses are anonymised.

The anonymised data collected will be used to suggest improvements to the provision of trauma-informed care across NHS trusts in England.

If appropriate, specific anonymous feedback will be shared with the relevant NHS centre.

Look After Yourself

This survey is intended for survivors of rape and/or sexual assault. Documenting your experiences of attending healthcare appointments may be distressing for you. Please look after yourself when completing this survey. Take breaks if you need them and only continue when you feel ready. You won’t be asked to give any details of what happened, but we do ask about your experiences of accessing and receiving healthcare.

If you need further support, The Survivors Trust helpline offers free, confidential emotional support and advice for anyone affected by rape and sexual abuse: 0808 801 0818.