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Managing Client Records - Good Practice for Collecting, Retaining and Handling Information Sharing Requests

The workshop will equip the learner with the knowledge and understanding for good practice when handling confidential and sensitive information provided by clients in the sexual violence sector.

The training will dispel myths about information management and note-taking, improve the learner’s confidence and enable them to recognise when to professionally challenge requests for client data from external agencies. Furthermore, the learner will be aware of their limitations and be clear about the importance of when to share information.

Our training ethos is based on delivering survivor-focused services where the importance of safeguarding and victims’ rights are the central focus.

Who is this workshop suitable for?
This half-day workshop is suitable for managers, ISVAs, counsellors, data processors and data controllers working within the charity sector.

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TST Member (my organisation is a member of TST)

£51 (15% discount)

Charity (Must be a registered charity)

£54 (10% discount)

Non-Member & Non-Charity


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