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CHISVA Practitioner Training

A Children and Families Independent Sexual Violence Adviser (ChISVA) is an advocate who can provide support to anyone aged 3-18 who has experienced rape, childhood sexual abuse or sexual exploitation.

A ChISVA will explain the criminal justice process and provide emotional and practical support throughout the duration. If the matter hasn’t already been reported to the police, a ChISVA will talk through all options to allow for an informed decision to be made. If the choice is made to report to the police, the ChISVA will support the young person through this process.

ChISVAs advocate for young people, to ensure their voice is heard, their needs are met, and that they are listened to and believed. They will also help the young person to understand what is being said to them by other agencies such as the police, courts and other agencies.

The Survivors Trust offers a 2-day online ChISVA training for anyone who has completed ISVA training and has been designed to meet the Home Office; ISVA Guidance (2017) and Skills for Justice National Occupational Standards (NOS) relevant for ISVAs.

2024 Dates

24th June & 8th July

For more information, please email: