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#CheckWithMeFirst Animation

Check With Me First

The #CheckWithMeFirst animation was produced in collaboration with our London Survivors Forum members.

It highlights some of the challenges that survivors face when accessing healthcare services and outlines some of the key messaging of our trauma-informed campaign for healthcare professionals.

Three simple steps that healthcare professionals can take which make a difference to survivors’ experiences:
  1. Check that the service-user is happy before proceeding with and during each step of the appointment/procedure.

  2. Explain what you need to do at each step, and give the person opportunities to ask questions.

  3. Reassure the person that they can stop the procedure at any time. Let them know that they are in control.
Look After Yourself
If you need support, The Survivors Trust helpline offers free, confidential emotional support and advice for anyone affected by rape and sexual abuse: 0808 801 0818.