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Training Testimonials

We know how much our learners love our training, so we thought we should let you all know too! We love to hear feedback so that we can continually develop and improve. Here are just a few of our learners testimonials.

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“Thank you for your support and patience. I have learnt so much and will have lovely memories of this training.”

"I wanted to say thank you for the Pre-Trial Therapy training. I found it exceptionally beneficial and interesting. I wanted to say I really appreciated your authenticity and passion. It really comes across in your presenting and inspired me to keep true to whom I am and fight for what I believe and stand for. Your commitment to the survivor and the process as well as your exceptional knowledge is inspirational!"

"The training was delivered with thoughtfulness, knowledge, authority and clearly demonstrated extensive experience through the use of examples and case studies."

“Thank you for running this brilliant course, your sense of humour, knowledge and passion has been very inspiring. Really enjoyed it all.”

“I found the course has increased my knowledge around rape and sexual assault, and I now feel more confident in my ability to work with these clients. Thank you it’s been amazing and I can’t wait to use all I’ve learned in my work.”

"I want to mention your warm and easy style in briefing on a very sensitive topic. I now have confidence in handling initial conversations and a relief that it will likely not be as daunting as I first might have thought. All of which is exactly what I needed!"

"Enlightening and informative- I wish I'd had the training 25 years ago when I started my nursing career."

"A very interesting and thought provoking day which was delivered with sensitivity and wisdom by Linda - Thank You!"

"Very informative and good resources. I feel more capable now on how to handle a disclosure."

"Excellent balance of learning, breaks, and warm atmosphere. Realistic caring approach!"

"I look forward to it every month and I enjoy your style of teaching - it’s always very engaging. The content is so interesting and I’m always learning something new. 😊 You always make us smile and laugh throughout the day and I come away from the course feeling energised and encouraged that one day we are going to make a difference to our survivors as ISVA’s. Keep being the lovely, bubbly person you are. I love hearing your stories about your fire and passion to fight on behalf of the survivors - it shows how much you care about them and that it’s not just a job to you. It’s really inspiring."

"Getting this position would not be possibly without your training and support over the past year so I am massively grateful"