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May 2019 Facebook Live: Barriers to reporting, the CPS and mobile phones.

May 2019 Facebook Live: Healing and Living after Experiencing Childhood Sexual Abuse

We teamed up with Marvelous to create this video for our 2017 Guilty Clothing Campaign.

“How often have you heard an acquaintance or someone you don’t know say something like: “Well, it’s sort of her own fault, it was probably because of the way she was dressed.” Statements like this cause additional psychological problems for victims, who are afraid to talk about what happened or seek professional help, considering themselves to be at fault. But when you accuse the victim of an incident, you are taking the side of the rapist. Our Guilty Clothes project has been created to show a society quick to condemn that it is not clothing that provokes rape. Victims have been returning home from work in a smart suit, running around the park in a tracksuit, or having a cup of coffee with an old friend in comfy jeans and a sweater. There are lots of similar stories out there. We hope that our project will enable victims and society to realize that only the rapist is to blame for a rape. Don’t blame the victims. They need your support.”