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Survivor Support Resources

Survivor Support Resources

The TST resources website has a wealth of information, survivor videos and practical self-help tips for survivors and anyone who wants to learn more about the impact of sexual violence. The website has been developed in collaboration with survivors with lived experience and representatives from The Survivors Trust member organisations, who provide specialist support to all survivors of rape, sexual assault, and sexual abuse. 

For Survivors Guided by Survivors

Each section of the website explores a specific topic associated with the impacts of sexual trauma that survivors of sexual violence or sexual abuse may experience. This includes: a background to the topic; experiences and advice from survivors with lived experience; an outline of some common challenges and concerns that survivors may have, and practical coping strategies, exercises, and links to external resources which survivors may find useful to explore further.

The topics included on the TST resources site are: 

To help you find the information you need, we have also put together a Resources Database that you can use to search for specific resources to meet your needs. 

There is also a section, Supporting Survivors which has been created specifically for supporters of survivors. This may be family members, friends, partners or professionals. Here we explore helpful ways to support and be there for someone who has been affected by sexual violence or abuse. 

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