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Our Ambassador

Dino Nocivelli

Dino is a partner in the abuse department at Leigh Day and is an experienced child sexual abuse claims lawyer and member of the Association of Child Abuse Lawyers. Dino joined Leigh Day in 2022, where he specialises in actions for child sexual abuse survivors and has recognised expertise in the following:

  • Abuse in football and a number of other sports
  • Abuse within religious institutions, especially the Catholic Church and the Church of England
  • Abuse in the Scout Association
  • Abuse in the military
  • Abuse in private schools and state schools
  • Abuse in youth clubs
  • Abuse abroad
  • Abuse in the family and directly against individuals who have taken advantage of their position of authority

Dino has appeared in a number of media publications providing his expert opinion and commentary, to include BBC News, BBC Radio, Sky News, ITV, LBC Radio and a number of national and local newspapers.  Dino also regularly provides external training sessions on child abuse law.

He has also provided evidence to the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse and has been asked to comment extensively upon the Inquiry by a number of national newspapers.

In addition to his role as an Ambassador for The Survivors Trust, Dino also campaigns to change the law on numerous matters, including:

  • Mandatory reporting of child sexual abuse offences
  • Extending offences by those in positions of trust to include sport coaches, and continuing to campaign so that they include activities such as acting, ballet and wrestling
  • Double jeopardy for indecent assault
  • Removing titles for convicted peers