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The Survivors Trust’s Helpline hours extended with support by ITV’s Broadchurch

The Survivors Trust's Helpline hours extended with support by ITV's Broadchurch

The Survivors Trust helpline will be open 7 days a week, 10am to midnight, throughout the 8 week broadcast of ITV’s third and final series of Broadchurch.

In this latest series, David Tennant and Olivia Coleman reprise their roles as DI Alec Hardy and DS Miller as they investigate a serious sexual assault in the Dorset Community. Joined by National Television Award winner Julie Hesmondhalgh, this series follows the impact this assault has on the survivor, her friends and family, and the community.

On Monday 27th February 2017 when the first episode of Broadchurch Series 3 airs, The Survivors Trust helpline will be open continuously from 10am until midnight, 7 days a week due to the generosity of the production team and their commitment to ensuring all survivors get the support they need and deserve. The helpline will continue to be open for the 8 week duration of the show’s broadcast and is open to all survivors, and anyone who may be affected.

The Survivors Trust helpline is a free and confidential service, providing specialist support, advice, information and listening to anyone who has been affected by rape, sexual abuse, childhood sexual abuse or any form of sexual violence at any time in their lives. The number is 08088 010818 and is free from landlines and mobiles.

In researching for this series, writer and Executive Producer Chris Chibnall had been advised and supported by Dorset Rape Crisis, one of the new rape support centres supported to expand by The Survivors Trust with funding from the Ministry of Justice, along with Dorset Police and The Shores SARC (sexual assault referral centre).

Chris Chibnall says:

“Myself and Script Executive Samantha Hoyle have worked closely with support organisations in the Dorset area who work with victims of sexual assault. We’ve spent time with the amazing support workers who run referral centres. We’ve developed relationships with and talked in depth with Independent Sexual Violence Advisers, as well as police who investigate these crimes, and survivors of these crimes. These extraordinary people have advised us every step of the way; from story lining, to scripts, on set production and through the post production process.”

Producer Dan Winch says:

“With the final series we strive to entertain and to tell a brilliant story, but we’ve never lost sight of our responsibility to do justice to those who may be directly or indirectly affected by this particular investigation. We hope to have struck a balance which sensitively tackles the darker story elements, whist enabling our audience to comfortably lose themselves in the world of Broadchurch each week.”

Fay Maxted says:

“The writer, Chris Chibnall, and the whole Broadchurch production team were determined to portray the reality of rape without glamourising it or glossing over the impact on everyone involved and they’ve done an amazing job. We’re also delighted that the team quickly realised the impact that the storyline could have on victims and survivors and wanted to ensure that our Support Line would be open for extended hours during the eight weeks that the series will run.

Thank you to the wonderful actors and team for all they have done, and for supporting the Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness week 2017.”

The Survivors Trust Helpline: 08088 010 818


Chris Chibnall (Writer, creator, Executive Producer) and Julie Hesmondhalgh supporting the Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week 2017

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