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Launching the First ‘Sexual Abuse & Sexual Violence Awareness Week’

Launching the First 'Sexual Abuse & Sexual Violence Awareness Week'

The first ever Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week kicks off with a ground-breaking launch at London’s City Hall next month.

Organisers hope the nationwide week-long series of events, from 1st – 7th February, will spread the message that any form of sexual abuse and violence is unacceptable.

The seven-day programme aims to generate discussion among the general public, statutory bodies and third sector organisations about how best to tackle sexual abuse and violence.

The theme of the week is ‘It’s Not Ok’ and individuals and organisations across the country will be getting involved with their own events and campaigns.

All of the biggest events, discussion points and activities can be shared and followed on social media via the hashtag #ItsNotOk.

Organiser Yehudis Goldsobel said: “We want to put this sensitive topic at the forefront of the national conversation.

“Anyone who’s been affected by sexual abuse or sexual violence needs to know they are not alone and that action is being taken.

“We also want perpetrators to know it will not be tolerated and they will face prosecution. All forms of sexual abuse and sexual violence are totally unacceptable and we want to get this message across.”

What is Sexual Abuse & Sexual Violence Awareness Week?

The inaugural Awareness Week has been established to give an opportunity for the general public, statutory and third sector organisations to participate in a discussion about sexual abuse and sexual violence. During the week people will raise awareness about sexual abuse and sexual violence and how to prevent it in the UK.

When is the Awareness Week?

The Awareness Week will be the first week of February every year. This year – 2016 – will be the 1st – 7th February 2016.

Where will it be?

Across the entire United Kingdom.

How can I/we get involved?

If you are an individual you can join the conversation on social media following the topic hashtag and/or make contact with your local organisation to get involved in promoting awareness.

If you are an organisation you can recycle or create a campaign with the Awareness Week logo and hashtag (both are attached as images) to promote awareness of your services, prevention, support etc. As well as participate in social media conversations and involve your local media and community.

Is there a topic?

Yes. This year the topic of conversation is ‘it’s not ok’. There will be a hashtag in use throughout the week on social media ‪#‎itsnotok‬.

Why are we doing this?

It is important for everyone who has been affected by sexual abuse and sexual violence to be aware that as a country we will be having a public discussion about sexual abuse and sexual violence. Perpetrators also need to know that these discussions are taking place. It is time to put the topic at the forefront of a national conversation to promote specialist services that many organisations are offerings. The focus is going to be on the fact that all forms of sexual abuse and sexual violence are unacceptable and victims/survivors should not have to tolerate it. There should also be adequate services to support those who have experienced it and clear guidelines for reporting it.

Is it focused towards a specific group?

No. The Awareness Week is all inclusive. We want to ensure that everyone who has been subjected to sexual abuse and sexual violence can access the most appropriate support and advice, regardless of their ethnicity, gender identity, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation or religion.

Who do I contact for more information?

the website is

The website will be a point of signposting for any member of the public. If you are a registered charity providing support for individuals affected by sexual abuse and sexual violence you can provide your contact details to be included on the website.

You can also find us on Facebook at…/ or on Twitter @itsnotok #itsnotok

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