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General Election 2024: Policy Comparison Table

With the UK General Election just one week away there are many issues which are likely to affect those affected by sexual violence and abuse and the specialist services supporting them. With this in mind, The Survivors Trust is pleased to share our Policy Comparison Table for the General Election 2024.

The Policy Comparison Table has been put together to help identify the three main parties’ election pledges that will impact the lives of victims and survivors of sexual violence and those that work with them. This includes policies related to:

  • Responses to The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse for England and Wales
  • Health and Social Care
  • Mental Health Services
  • Children and Young People
  • Criminal Justice

Note: This table serves as a reference guide and acknowledges that the categories are broad, potentially encompassing additional policy areas that may also indirectly affect victims and survivors of sexual violence. It is designed to be a tool for use both before and after elections, offering a reference point to ensure accountability and progress for all government officials working towards the eradication of sexual violence and the lifelong trauma it inflicts in all its forms

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