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Children’s Commissioner Survey: Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

Children's Commissioner Survey: Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

The Children’s Commissioner has released a survivor survey aimed at gathering the views of adult survivors.

The Children’s Commissioner is conducting a two year inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse in the Family Environment.  Sue Berelowitz, who is Chair of the Inquiry, says “The views and experiences of adult survivors are seen as offering a unique insight into the issues and should play a central role in improving services for the protection of children today.”

The survey has been written with the help of survivor organisations: The Survivors Trust, NAPAC, Women’s Aid, Rape Crisis England and Wales, CIS’ters and Survivors Manchester.

Some of the questions will ask you to recall the abuse you experienced as a child.  If you start the survey and you don’t want to continue or you think you need help, click on the option to find ‘Help and Support’ during the survey.

We believe that this Inquiry will shine a light on the scale of sexual abuse in England.  By completing the survey, your contribution to the Inquiry will help prevent abuse and protect children in the future. 

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