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National Service Standards

It is essential that all victims/survivors of sexual violence and abuse have access to quality service provision. To support this, TST National Service Standards have been developed to provide organisations with a quality framework to support their work and to ensure their service is sensitive to the needs of their service users, such as gender, sexuality, cultural and social backgrounds. 

TST National Service Standards centralise the empowerment and involvement of survivors in the delivery of support and services. It is also recognised that sexual violence and sexual abuse have multiple and complex causes and consequences involving psychological, physical, social and economic factors and is informed by gender-based violence and human rights.

Our service standards are unique and have been designed using these principles:

  • Client led approach
  • Whole business assessment
  • Non-profit fees
  • Sector collaborated standards
  • On-going consultation
  • Helping services reach their full potential
Download a copy of The Standards here.
For further information regarding TST National Service Standards and the inspection process email:

The process

Step 1. Application

  • Contract agreed – timeframes and costs
  • Once all documentary evidence submitted inspection to be completed within 3 months
  • Costs determined on business size. Any assistance with costs would need to be arranged with TST, independently of inspection department and process

Step 2. Desktop Review

  • Submission of documentary evidence for desktop review
  • Online meeting/s to support desktop review


Step 3. Site Visit

  • Site visit plan
  • Staff interviews, site checks etc.


Step 4. Conclusion

  • A full report produced with conformance levels for each standard, a narrative overview and a summary of points and respective percentages for each area.
  • A certificate of conformance which includes all applicable services and areas which achieve 80% or above.
  • The threshold is 80% conformance for each business area

Download TST Standards Inspection Process Info Pack here.