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The Women’s Centre Cornwall

01208 77099 (Open Mon-Fri 10am-1pm, Mon 6.30pm-9pm, 24 hour answermachine) Rape and Sexual Abuse Helpline
01208 79992 (Open Mon 6.30pm-9pm, Thurs 10am-1pm, 24 hour answermachine) Domestic Abuse Helpline
01208 76466 Office
PO BOX 39, Bodmin, Cornwall, PL31 1XF
The Women's Centre Cornwall

Area Covered:

Cornwall, Devon and Dorset


The Women’s Centre Cornwall is run by women for women. Their aims are to:

  • advance the human rights of women and girls to take their full and meaningful place withing society
  • empower and enable all women and girls to speak in their own voices about their experiences and realities and become active in bringing about change
  • gain health, wellbeing, confidence and skills to achieve their potential, become stronger and more independent

Services Offered

confidential rape and sexual violence and domestic abuse helpline
trauma-informed face-to-face support and group work
bodywork therapies to address the health consequences of trauma upon the body, e.g. massage and yoga
supports women involved in/at risk of being involved in the Criminal Justice System in Cornwall, Devon and Dorset to address their offending behaviours
trains and supports volunteers from local communities
provides bespoke training packages for professionals

Services For

women and girls (aged over 11 years of age) who have experienced any form of sexual violence, domestic abuse or childhood sexual abuse at any time in their lives

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