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Survivors Network

01273 720110 (opening times Wednesday 7pm-9pm) Helpline
01273 203380 Office
6a Pavilion Buildings, Brighton, BN1 1EE
Survivors Network

Area Covered:



Survivors’ Network provides specialist support services to people affected by sexual violence and abuse.  Our range of services are safe, confidential and non-judgmental. We work to empower survivors to make choices and achieve the life they want. We work with all self-identified women aged 14+ who have experienced any form of sexual abuse, sexual violence, sexual harassment or violation. We also have specific targeted services for women aged 14-25. Our ISVA service works with survivors of all genders and ages. We provide support for families, partners and friends.

Services Offered

Helpline (telephone)
Face to face counselling
Drop in service
Specialist counselling and advocacy services for young people 14 yrs +

Services For

All services for self-identified women aged 14 +
Advocacy for all genders and all ages
Currently counselling for all genders aged 14-18

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