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Operation Emotion

07539 810096 Helpline
07837 321514 Other enquiries
Operation Emotion

Area Covered:

Plymouth (plus national/international for online group)


We are a Plymouth based voluntary organisation that operates, encourages and develops services for adult make survivors of sexual abuse, linking with specialist organisations where appropriate. Our goal is to develop a range of self help initiatives that enable men to engage in a process of recovery.

We also work with other agencies to promote best practice leading to an improvement in services.

Services Offered

Interactive mobile ‘phone app
Short-term individual support and signposting
Weekly peer-led support groups
Online support group for those outside the Plymouth area
10 session, group based education therapy program
Training on working with male survivors of sexual abuse to other agencies
Awareness raising and campaign work, supported by various media
Film screenings and Q&A sessions

Services For

Male survivors of Rape & Sexual abuse over 18 years old
Training on a local and national level to associated organisations

See our list of members operating nationally