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Into The Light


Into The Light offers counselling, information, support and resources for people who have experienced sexual abuse and those that support them.


Services Offered

A Ten Session Psycho-educational Course for Survivors of sexual abuse which is topic-based but also has plenty of time for sharing experiences and is facilitated by a professional counsellor. This is available through:

Groups: Women’s Groups in London and Online.
One to one: for women and men and all genders online throughout the UK.

One to one counselling. This is available for men and women and all genders in London and online throughout the UK
Workshops on some of the main issues surrounding sexual abuse for Survivors of all genders and also for partners, support workers and counsellors who support them
Trauma Informed Seminars and training for community groups, counselling services and organisations on working with Survivors
An informative website which provides information and resources for Survivors and those who support them
Email support and resources for Survivors and those who support them
Supporting and working with other organisations who are also supporting Survivors

Services For

Adult Survivors of sexual abuse – all genders with women only spaces
Partners And Supporters of Survivors
Counsellors and Mental Health Professionals

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