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Rebecca Jumped out of a Plane!

Rebecca Jumped out of a Plane!

Rebecca used her blog to promote her fundraising event – Skydiving! Here is the first blog post she published about it.

For a few months I’ve been sat stewing over whether or not I’m really going to do this. I’ve probably written this post around a hundred times already. But since it’s now official, I’ve set the date and there’s no going back, I figured it’s probably time to share my story, and hopefully help raise awareness for a subject that matters to me more than I can even explain.

You may have noticed, but I have set the date and started fundraising for a charity skydive! That’s right, I will be jumping out of a perfectly serviceable aircraft for charity.

The charity I have selected is called The Survivors Trust. A charity dedicated to raising awareness and funding for victims of rape and childhood sexual abuse. I suppose it doesn’t take a genius to work out that there is surely a reason this charity is so close to my heart, and that reason is simply this – I am a survivor myself.

No, I am not giving any gory details. Those are mine, and I do not feel comfortable to share them yet. Maybe in time, but not yet. However, being able to stand up and admit it in a public space is something I never felt I’d be brave enough to do, so baby steps. Yes, I did report it to the police, there was a trial, and the verdict came back as Not Guilty. It was without question the hardest period of my life, and I hope to God I never have to experience a low like that ever again.

I was eight years old when it happened, and fourteen when it when to court. Think about your cousin, son, daughter, brother, sister right now and imagine at fourteen years old, going to court to face the person who abused them. It’s hard to stomach, right? That is the reality for so many people. That was reality for my family and me. Look at the statistics on the Survivors trust website and see for yourself – the numbers are chilling. This is an issue that needs to be discussed, as uncomfortable and uneasy as it will feel, it’s a necessity. It’s no exaggeration to say it will literally save lives. We are survivors for a reason, not victims. The aftermath of these kinds of crimes is agonising, and for too many, is too much to take.

Rebecca skydiving

I want to finish by saying this; No, by doing this I am not allowing my past to ‘define me’. However, I also acknowledge that I cannot and will not be able to live my life pretending it didn’t happen, like so many other people who, like me, suffered at the hands of someone who had no right to do what they did.

I am doing this skydive to raise as much money and awareness for this worthy cause as I possibly can. In a selfish way I hope it will help me find some closure, as I didn’t manage to get any after the trial. But more importantly I am hoping to shine as enormous and obnoxious light on this subject matter, and maybe help someone else find their voice and step forward to seek the help they need, and the justice they deserve. My goal is to raise £1,000 for The Survivors Trust. Any donation, big or small would be enormously appreciated and please, please share this around. Even if you don’t donate just share it and know that maybe someone you know needed to see it, needed that little push to speak up. Thank you for reading, and thank you for donating.

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