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TST in Guardian: Rape & CSA Charity Funding Crisis placing Survivors at risk

9 July 2015: Child sexual abuse charities face closure due to funding ‘stitch up’

Fay Maxted OBE quoted as stating:

“The Home Office has increased funding, and the Norfolk PCC funding should have helped out the specialist agencies providing these services but it didn’t,” said Fay Maxted OBE, chief executive of the Survivors Trust, a national umbrella group that represents 135 specialist abuse support groups across the UK.

She said: “It [funding] wasn’t awarded in the way that was most effective. A lot of agencies were disappointed that specialist agencies didn’t get funding. This has left them at risk. They haven’t had that funding and they’re still trying to cope with a huge increase in the number of people coming forward.

“The Home Office estimates the cost of sexual violence and abuse in billions – around £20bn. Think what proportion that £5m amounts to and it’s not a lot.”

About The Survivors Trust

The Survivors Trust (TST) is a national umbrella agency with over 140 specialist organisations for supporting those who have experienced rape, sexual violence and childhood sexual abuse support organisations throughout the UK and Ireland.

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