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The APPG for Adult Survivors of CSA’s inquiry report: ‘Survivors’ experiences of police and the Crown Prosecution Service.’

In its second report, the APPG explores survivors’ experience of police and the Crown Prosecution Service.

The findings were gathered in four ways:

  • Survivor evidence session in Parliament

  • Sector professional evidence session in Parliament

  • Online survey of survivors with 365 respondents

  • Written evidence submitted to the APPG

This report is the second of three to be published through 2019 that presents the findings from the APPG’s inquiry.

Read the full report here.

The final report, slated for September 2019 release, will explore: the court process, after court care and compensation.

Speaking on the report, our CEO Fay Maxted OBE said:

‘This report highlights that much more needs to be done and we need to be making sure that as a society we respond to survivors appropriately. Education is desperately needed around what it means to have experienced sexual abuse, how trauma affects the brain and the devastating impact that it can have, often affecting every aspect of life. We have a huge problem in society where victims are blamed for what has happened to them.

This isn’t about adult survivors ‘seeking compensation’ or grumbling about the service they are getting, we need to remember that they were children who have had horrific experiences. As adults they deserve to have access to the right kind of support and to access justice where that’s possible.’

About The Survivors Trust

The Survivors Trust (TST) is a national umbrella agency with over 140 specialist organisations for supporting those who have experienced rape, sexual violence and childhood sexual abuse support organisations throughout the UK and Ireland.

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