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HRH Princess Royal Presents OBE to Fay Maxted – CEO of TST

6 Oct 2015 Fay Maxted OBE: “for services to Survivors and victims of rape and sexual violence”.

1) Today, at Buckingham Palace, HRH the Princess Royal, Princess Anne, presented Fay Maxted, CEO of the Survivors [1] Trust, with an OBE (Officer of the most excellent Order of the British Empire) in recognition of her “services to Survivors and victims of rape and sexual violence”.

2) Fay has been CEO of the Survivors Trust since 2004. Fay serves on the National Police Chief Council for Rape (Response) Working Group; she is also on the Panel for the Children’s Commissioner’s Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse in the family environment and last July, she was also appointed to the V&SCP (Victims & Survivors Consultative Panel) of the independent Inquiry into Child Sexual [2] Abuse headed by Justice Lowell Goddard DNZM, QC.

3) Fay Maxted OBE said: “As a Survivor myself, it is quite something to go from feeling so ashamed at what I had experienced, to being at Buckingham Palace in this highest symbol of honour. I hope this can speak to every single Survivor of rape & sexual [3] violence&/abuse and communicate that, while your life will never be the same, it need not be over.”

4) Fay has received letters of congratulations from:

• Judge Lowell Goddard, Chair of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual [2] Abuse
• The Home Secretary, Theresa May MP
• Minister of Justice, Michael Gove MP

5) Pauline Carruthers, Chair of the National Executive Committee, at The Survivors Trust said: “Fay works passionately putting Survivors of Rape & Sexual Violence/Abuse (including Child Sexual Abuse) first. This remarkable woman has done more for Survivors in the last decade than anyone I know. She passionately puts survivors first and will always go the extra mile for individual survivors and survivor organisations. On behalf of the whole Survivors Trust, I would like to thank her for this outstanding work, not only in Britain but across the world.”

6) Phil Walker, National Development Manager, said: “Fay is an absolute pleasure to work with because her dedicated and positive attitude is addictive to those around her. She is a wonderful ambassador and role model for other people working in this sector. Her commitment to her work is faultless putting aside her own needs to help others achieve theirs. Her work is her vocation, a significant and increasing percentage of survivors of sexual violence and abuse owe Fay a huge debt of thanks.”

7) Johanna Robinson of TST-Cymru said: “Fay has shown absolute commitment in her endeavours to ensure that the rights, needs and experiences of victims and survivors of rape and sexual abuse are heard and known. It is right that she should have national recognition for this. Her receiving this OBE is also important for all survivors who stand together against abuse and in recognition of the injustice of their experience. As a member of staff of TST I am proud to know and work with Fay and to have learned so much from her.”

Notes to Editors:

[1] The Survivors Trust is called the Survivors Trust and not the v-i-c-t-i-m’s Trust because many Survivors of Rape, Sexual Violence & Abuse (including Child Sexual Abuse) prefer this term, consistent with usage for all other traumatic/life threatening events including those that involve the commission of a crime eg the survivors of the Tunisian beach attacks and the survivors of the 7/7 suicide bombings in London

[2] NB: The IICSA (Independent Inquiry on Child Sexual Abuse) uses the full adjective “sexual” in relation to the rape and sexual abuse of children

[3] TST prefers the use of the full adjective “sexual” to make a clear distinction between that which is positive consenting sexual activity and that for which no consent is present ie rape, sexual violence or abuse/coercion, which also avoids the danger of creating oxy-morons such as: “sex crime”, “sex offender” “sex assault” which has absolutely nothing to do with “sex”.

[4] The above explanations represent “Best practice” in the reporting of Rape and Sexual Violence &/Abuse.


About The Survivors Trust

The Survivors Trust (TST) is a national umbrella agency with over 140 specialist organisations for supporting those who have experienced rape, sexual violence and childhood sexual abuse support organisations throughout the UK and Ireland.

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