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Pre-trial Therapy and Legal Issues for Rape and Sexual Abuse Counselling and Support

In 1998 ‘Speaking Up for Justice’, Section 28, established that vulnerable and intimidated witnesses should not be denied the emotional support and counselling they may need before and after a trial.  Furthermore the decision to offer counselling and support should be based on the needs of the victim.   However, despite this, many vulnerable witnesses have been denied access to pre-trial therapy and emotional support on the grounds that it may affect the quality of their evidence or that their evidence may be considered contaminated and the case would fold.

Many agencies and also individual counsellors express concerns that they are unsure of the guidelines around provision of pre-trial therapy and how they can work safely and appropriately with victims who are also going to be giving evidence in court as witnesses.

The Survivors Trust recognises that having an understanding and ability to work with the legal issues inherent to working in the Sexual Violence Sector is essential.  This has been further highlighted by the Home Office restating the need for victims of rape and sexual abuse to have access to appropriate counselling and support prior to and during a court case.

Workshop aims

The Survivors Trust one day training workshop will enable participants to develop their understanding of issues involved in working with victims/survivors of sexual violence and their ability to work appropriately and in accordance with legal requirements.

Workshops will cover:

  • Reporting
  • The Law in relation to sexual abuse offences
  • Victim Personal Statements
  • Providing therapy for vulnerable and intimidated witnesses
  • Vicarious/secondary trauma
  • Legal protection for Victims/witnesses
  • Notes/records
  • Confidentiality and information sharing
  • Responding to court orders
  • Court appearance of counsellor
  • Post CJS/Post trial issues
  • Impact of legal processes on the counselling relationship

Cost per workshop

The Survivors Trust Member Agencies – £500 + expenses for 2 trainers

Non-Member Agencies – £850 + expenses

Individuals – £60 including buffet lunch

Times and dates

The workshops will begin at 10.00 am and conclude at 16.30pm. Dates are to be decided upon booking.


Fay Maxted is CEO of The Survivors Trust and has worked in the voluntary sector for the past 17 years.   Fay has significant experience in managing and developing counselling services having originally worked as Project Manager for a rape and sexual abuse counselling and support service.  Her work with The Survivors Trust includes membership of a range of advisory groups and committees including Home Office and Department of Health Expert and Consultation Groups and the Association of Chief Police Officers Rape Working Group.    In her role as CEO of The Survivors Trust, Fay has overseen the development of specialist training for Independent Sexual Violence Advisor Practitioners and Managers and contributed to the development of Skills for Justice national occupational standards for Independent Sexual Violence Advisors.

Sue James is a qualified teacher, trainer and supervisor.  As a counsellor, with a specialism in working with abuse, she is rooted in the person-centred approach to therapy.  Sue has delivered a wide range of courses in the past including both Certificate and Diplomas in Counselling.  Sue is co-trainer on The Survivors Trust Diploma for Working Therapeutically for the Legacy of Rape, Sexual Violence and Childhood Sexual Abuse.  At present, in addition to therapeutic work, she works as Service Manager and Clinical Lead for Trust House Lancashire (Lancashire Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre).


Your place or ours!  If you would like us to come to your area and are able to provide the venue and up to 20 participants, contact Sarah on 01788 550554 or email [email protected]  to reserve a date.

Alternatively,  we will be delivering the workshops from our premises in Rugby. Please contact Sarah to register.

To book or for more information

To book a date or for more information please contact Sarah on:

Tel:    01788 550554

Email:   [email protected]


The Survivors Trust Specialist Training for Independent Sexual Violence Advisor Practitioners


Course Dates


Session 1 Foundation Skills and Knowledge for ISVAs 26th and 27th Jan 2017
Session 2 Planning and Protection 2nd and 3rd March 2017
Session 3 Effective Partnerships 6th and 7th April 2017
Session 4 Communication, Diversity and Equality 11th and 12th May 2017
Session 5 ISVAs in Action – Court and Beyond 15th and 16th June 2017


The above dates have been arranged for delivery of the ISVA Training Course, and we will make every attempt to adhere to these.  However, these may be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.

The aims of the ISVA Practitioner Programme are:

  1. To provide high quality training specific to the role of ISVA working with rape, sexual assault, sexual abuse and childhood sexual abuse;
  1. To equip ISVA practitioners with the information and skills they need to work effectively for and on behalf of their clients and to provide a clear understanding of the role of an ISVA including awareness of criminal justice processes, partnership working and inter-agency work on sexual violence and childhood sexual abuse;
  1. To promote and work on the principle that this Programme is recognised nationally for practice for working with sexual violence and abuse issues;
  1. To ensure all victims of sexual crime gain appropriate care and provision to help towards the recovery process.

For more information or to register please contact Naomi for a registration form: [email protected]


The Survivors Trust ISVA Service Manager Training Programme

Course Dates:

Session 1 – 13th January 2017

Session 2 – 27th February 2017

The ISVA Training Programme covers the following elements:

  1. Understanding rape, sexual violence and childhood sexual abuse with reference to human rights and gender based violence;
  2. Operational and legal requirements for delivering ISVA services;
  3. The roles and responsibilities of Independent Sexual Violence Advisers;
  4. Legal and procedural issues relating to sexual crimes;
  5. Risk and needs assessments;
  6. Multi-agency and partnership working.

Course Costs:

£500 for The Survivors Trust Member Organisations.
£550 for Non-Member Voluntary Sector Organisations.
£600 for Statutory Sector Sexual Violence Service .

Entry Requirements:

Participation in this course will involve use of IT and internet systems, including Word, Excel and Internet Explorer.   If this will pose any difficulties, please contact Linda Lewis on 01788 50554 or 07802 695 818 to discuss.

Places are limited per course.  If the course is oversubscribed, preference will be given to applicants from The Survivors Trust and Rape Crisis England and Wales member organisations who are currently working as ISVA Service Managers.  The Survivors Trust reserves the right to allocate places.

Please note that it is the individual student that is registered as a learner and not the organisation.

On completion of training an OCN accredited certificate will be awarded to candidates.


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Please check back for updates




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