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Pregnancy, birth and parenthood after CSA

The effects of CSA (childhood sexual abuse) can last a long time and having a baby can be a particularly difficult and lonely time. The resource shares real-life experiences of pregnancy, birth and parenthood and has been created through the collaboration with women who have experienced CSA, midwives and researchers.

This resource will help women who have experienced CSA to prepare for pregnancy, birth and parenthood

New dates available now for our Pre-trial Therapy workshop, Understanding Rape and CSA workshop and ISVA Service Manager training

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No Excuse For Rape or Sexual Abuse.

Rape and sexual abuse can be committed against anyone regardless of their age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, culture or social status.

Living with the consequences of rape and sexual abuse can be devastating. At TST, we believe that all survivors are entitled to receive the best possible response to their needs whether or not they choose to report.

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Agencies & Professionals

Information about The Survivors Trust national network of specialist support agencies, TST National Service Standards and membership of our organisation.

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Survivors & Supporters

If you or someone you know has experienced rape or sexual violence or abuse, there is help available. This section contains information and contact details of specialist support services and useful resource material.

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How you can help

You can support The Survivors Trust in a number of ways, whether it be campaigning, organising a fundraising event or donating to our cause. Find out further information here.

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Find Services

The Survivors Trust has over 135 member agencies which provide support for women, men and children who are survivors of rape, sexual violence or childhood sexual abuse. For details of specialist support services in your area please roll your mouse over the regions of UK & Ireland to the right.

A list of Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA) services, which provide advocacy and practical support services for survivors, can be found here. Additionally, a list of Sexual Assault Referral Centres (SARCs) can be found by clicking here

Jobs & Opportunities

Jobs, volunteer and professional development opportunities available in the rape and sexual abuse support sector. read more »

Events & Conferences

National training events, workshops and conferences happening in the Rape SVA-CSA (Sexual Violence/Abuse including Child Sexual Abuse) sector – including TST ISVA training programmes. Read more »


News items and press statements from The Survivors Trust, TST member agencies and other relevant organisations. read more »

Behind Closed Doors: Film Shorts on Rape SVA-CSA

The Survivors Trust has produced a series of nine short films giving information about Rape, Sexual Violence and Sexual Abuse. read more »